The most popular payment option in Tanzania is now available for Paymentwall merchants.

Paymentwall has added a new payment option in Tanzania. Our customers in the country can now accept payments via mobile banking – the most popular financial service in Tanzania. Mobile banking services allow users to pay for online purchases using e-wallet accounts – like TigoPesa or Airtel Money. They can also use Mastercard QR-code payments via M-Pesa, TigoPesa, Airtel Money, HaloPesa, EzyPesa, or TTCLPesa (these are popular Tanzanian digital wallets). Locals frequently use mobile money to pay the bills, bank-to-wallet and wallet-to-bank transfers, POS, etc.

In Tanzania, only 2% of the population have active bank accounts – while 49% of people use mobile money. Considering that in a 60-million country, there are less than 900 bank offices, the situation is not surprising. Most of them are located in the big cities – while only 30% of the Tanzanian people live there. No wonder a “regular” line to the bank office is more than 200 people!

Vodacom, a major Tanzanian mobile operator, was the first to introduce the mobile transaction service M-Pesa – back in 2008. Soon other operators followed the example launching mobile banking services: EcoCash, Tigo Pesa, etc. Eventually, Tanzania has become the largest mobile money market in Africa and one of the world leaders in mobile money transfers. According to industry reports, about 64% of adults in Tanzania use mobile phones for financial transactions. And these mobile money services have evolved a lot, too. In addition to money transfers, they also offer microloans, mobile insurance, and hospitalization covers.

In other words, for merchants operating in Tanzania, mobile money is the #1 option – and with Paymentwall, you have it!

Mobile money payments: how it works

The payment flow for mobile money payments is really simple:

Step 1: Choose Mobile Money in Tanzania.

Step 2: Input the personal details to proceed.

Step 3: The users can choose whether they want to pay via Mastercard QR-code or mobile wallets. For MasterCard QR-codes, users can use their account via M-Pesa, TigoPesa, AitelMoney, HaloPesa, EzyPesa, or TTCLPesa.

Step 4: For mobile wallets, the user can use their TigoPesa or Airtel Money account by requesting a PIN on their phone.

The payment is successfully deducted from the account!

Going global made easy

With Paymentwall, launching on any global market is easy. We provide merchants with access to the most popular local payment options in the region – no matter the region, we support you in 200+ markets worldwide. We also have an experienced in-house fraud and risk management team and an AI-based fraud prevention engine that helps us protect you from chargebacks. If any chargeback disputes occur (the ratio is below 0,1%!), our team will handle them on your behalf. And there’s even more: we have a support team to answer all payment-related questions from your customers – 24/7, in over 20 languages.

Do not hesitate to contact our business development team for any questions you might have – at Or create your Paymentwall account right now.