The “Winning Putt” takes the game of golf to a new level with twists and turns

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America, a publisher of video games, has recently released a free to play, massively multiplayer online (MMO) golf game known as Winning Putt. The online PC game basically encourages players to take a swing in one of its beautifully designed golf courses, or challenge their friends and others to a round of golf. Players only need to create a male or a female avatar to start hitting the greens.

What sets Winning Putt from other golf PC titles is that it allows players to extensively customize their characters and bend reality to advance in the game. For instance, players can have golf clubs fitted and enchanted to gain power and accuracy when hitting the golf ball. When a character takes a powerful swing, the golf ball emits a tail of light as it sails through the fairway. While characters can earn experience points and skills by playing throughout, they can level up much more quickly when players purchase special gear and items in the game. For this, they can use gold, the in-game currency, or platinum; which is Winning Putt’s premium currency.

Platinum can be purchased by using traditional payment methods like credit cards and bank transfers, as well as alternative ones such as e-wallets, prepaid solutions and mobile payments. To make payments easier for Winning Puttplayers, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America has partnered with Paymentwall, a global payments and content distribution platform. Paymentwall provides payments coverage globally, allowing players to instantly pay for in-game items wherever they are.

There are two ways to purchase Platinum within Winning Putt. One is through the game’s website, while the other is through the game itself. Providing different ways to pay helps address the players’ payment needs or preferences. Below is a brief description of the web-based and in-game payment flows to purchase Platinum:

Web-based payment flow

The web-based payment flow in the game requires creating a user profile. Inside this profile, the user needs to click the “recharge” button to purchase Platinum. Afterwards, an interface opens up, revealing different payment methods and different packages of Platinum. The end-user simply needs to select his or her preferred payment method and Platinum package, and then click the “Buy Platinum” button to complete the purchase.



Step 1. User opens profile to recharge.



Step 2. User pays to recharge Platinum.

In-game payment flow

Purchasing Platinum in Winning Putt can also be done within the game itself. At the lower right-hand side of the screen, a symbol for Platinum can be seen, along with a plus-sign button. To purchase Platinum, the end-user just needs to click this button. Afterwards, a user interface appears, showing the available payment methods, as well as the different packages of Platinum that can be purchased. Once the end-user selects his or her preferred payment method and the Platinum package, he or she will just need to click the “Buy Platinum” button to complete the purchase.



Step 1. User clicks recharge in game.



Step 2. User pays to recharge Platinum.

Easy, convenient payment process

The web-based and in-game payment processes adjust according to the location of the end-user and show him or her the available payment options in his or her country. The images above feature the payment methods in the United States. For any player of Winning Putt, being able to choose between familiar payment methods will make it easier and more comfortable to purchase Platinum. Meanwhile, this will help maximize the revenue for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America and even help it expand the audience for the online golf game around the world.

Aside from this, Paymentwall also developed an in-game payment option for Winning Putt to provide a seamless payment experience for its players. By allowing them to make a payment without leaving the game, they will be encouraged to play longer and aspire to reach more advanced rounds. As a result, players can become more engaged with the game and even invite their friends to join them in a round of golf.

With Paymentwall, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America can up its game. Hence, it has also partnered with the company for its other free-to-play games, such as Supernovaand Battleline. Through Paymentwall’s global coverage, as well as user-centric features, video games can gain a larger audience, earn higher revenue and even win the loyalty of players worldwide.

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This article is the first part in a series of case studies that will be made about the latest integrations of Paymentwall.