Paymentwall is delighted to launch its partnership with Wix, one of the world’s leading website builders.

Now, merchants using Wix can access over 190 local payment methods across the world, increasing sales opportunities and improving cash flow management.

Merchants can future-proof their businesses with an enterprise-level shopping and payment experience, with scalable features inbuilt that lower churn and increase payment acceptance rates.

As a third party payment provider, Wix users can integrate Paymentwall’s powerful payment solutions into your website to quickly and securely process customer orders.

And merchants don’t need any coding skills to integrate Paymentwall into their online stores. Simply adding two codes to is all it takes, then they have the very latest latest global alternative payment methods at their fingertips.

Paymentwall also makes your Wix website process payments faster, increasing user convenience.

About Wix’s leading website builder

Wix is a powerful e-commerce platform for SMEs and businesses to setup online shops.

Merchants can make a website and access industry-leading tools to grow their business in the online space.

It simplifies website creation so businesses all around the world can get up and running rapidly.

For merchants looking to sell worldwide, it’s never been a better time to get started with Wix and use industry specific solutions to tailor your site to meet your customers’ expectations.

Paymentwall and Wix’s revenue generating merchant features

Paymentwall and Wix complement each other perfectly, with many key features designed to ensure ease of customer payments:

  • Payment flexibility: Meet customer expectations with over 190 payment methods, local or global, ranging from digital wallets to cards and bank transfers.
  • Scalable platform: Provide an enterprise-level shopping and payment experience for customers, with features that help your business to scale-up.
  • Security: We’re 3-D Secure. You can also enable PCI DSS Level-1 compliant payments, the highest security level available in the industry. You can now process the cards without having to store the sensitive card data and be responsible for it.
  • Easy integration: No coding skills necessary to get setup and started.

Now it’s time to get started with Paymentwall—create an account.

It’s free! And for existing users with Wix, you can immediately integrate our checkout features into your website.