Paymentwall is collaborating with PaySwitch to bring alternative banking solutions to banks and financial institutions across Africa.

PaySwitch serves five banks and over 3,000 merchants in Africa and Ghana. It uses technology that supports over 40 currencies, offering secured payments through end-to-end encryption.

The collaboration will easier and more convenient payment features for merchants in Africa, which will increase your revenue and lower churn rates. Here are all the key details.

About PaySwitch

PaySwitch was founded in 2015. A FinTech specialist in Accra, Ghana, it offers complete payment solutions to banks, non-banking financial institutions, and telephone companies.

It offers solutions across card hosting and management, third-party processing (TTP), fraud prevention and detection, service aggregation, payment gateways, customized payment solutions and consultancy, and POS/MPOS solutions.

The benefits of PaySwitch for your business

PaySwitch is for banks and financial institutions in need of alternative banking solutions.

  • 180+ currencies: The technology that supports African and other major global trading currencies to facilitate free-flowing finances across the world.
  • Secure payments: Every payment transaction is backed by end-to-end encryption, ensuring transaction are completed at the minimum of risk.
  • Cutting edge infrastructure: State of the art data center with 99.9% uptime—merchants can confidently sell in the knowledge they’re fully supported by technology that delivers results.
  • Ultra convenient: PaySwitch’s payment solutions solve many internal structural requirements no matter the size of your business, letting you focus on completing transactions swiftly and securely.

How PaySwitch works

PaySwitch is an African payment processing company that provides alternative banking solutions mainly to banks and financial institutions.

It also has extended its reach to organizations, associations, and individuals across the globe and provides efficient and powerful payment ecosystems for a wide spectrum of customers.

Paymentwall is your global payment provider

Paymentwall is a global payment provider that allows merchants to process credit card payments and local payment methods in 200 countries and territories. It was founded in San Francisco in 2010 to help businesses worldwide and digital monetize their products.

Paymentwall was the first gateway to connect alternative, mobile, and credit card payments in one unified API—the Paymentwall API. It was also the first international partner for Alipay, WeChat Pay (Tenpay) and MercadoPago. And it is now expanding its global payment system coverage to more African regions!

Paymentwall currently provides over 200+ payment methods, across its multiple products and solutions, including:

  • PayAlto for alternative payment options
  • Brick for global card processing
  • Mobiamo mobile carrier billing in 110+ markets, covering 240+ operators
  • MINT prepaid cards

You can check out Paymentwall’s local payment methods coverage to see where and how you can enter new markets worldwide!