Paymentwall will be opening its Beijing office on April 29th during the GMIC conference this month. This will be Paymentwall’s first office in China and the tenth total office it has opened around the world.

Paymentwall has already been active in China for the past five years while working with a number of different business partners, including merchants, to help accept payments. By opening the office in Beijing, Paymentwall can take advantage of the growing digital market in China while helping merchants expand in new and international markets  including: South America, Europe, North America and the CIS/Russian market.

The need for the office is shown by the growth in China. Paymentwall has increased its total processed payments by 200% each year along with increasing the number of Chinese merchants each year by 30%. With the increase in processing and the number of merchants, our end users have grown 20 times!

With this quick and rapid growth in China, we have expanded our team in Beijing to support merchants, business partners and end users. China is already one of the strongest online markets in the world and Paymentwall’s local office there shows the commitment we have to growing even more in this market.

By providing the best payment options in China and across the world, Paymentwall continues to help merchants increase revenues worldwide. Along with providing local support in Chinese and in over 25 other languages, Paymentwall is the one-stop global payment company you will need.

If you need help expanding in China or anywhere else in the world, please contact our team at