Paymentwall integrated SEPA Direct Debit payment method in PW Local for merchants to help them receive payments all over Europe.

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a European banking industry initiative where users and merchants can easily make and receive payments in euro currency within the 34 SEPA countries using bank transfer payments. More than 500 million citizens and 20 million businesses make and receive payments under the same basic conditions, rights, and obligations regardless of their location.
SEPA countries

SEPA Direct Debit

With SEPA Direct Debit, merchants no longer need to have bank accounts in various countries as having one can already be used for the entire euro area. Additionally, cross-border bank transfer is more affordable as SEPA Direct Debit reduces the price and makes the banking market in the euro area more competitive with improved and cheaper payment services.

Merchants can be assured that with SEPA Direct Debit their users will be able to complete payments within the pre-determined time cycle. Merchants can now set up payment automation and bill users regularly on a cross-border basis because users’ debit cards can be used anywhere in the euro area to make direct debit payments.

Make all online payments in euro area as easy as cash payments. If you want to start accepting payments with SEPA Direct Debit, please contact our business development team at