Paymentwall launches new payment options for Indonesia. An impressive list of those already available for Paymentwall customers in Indonesia is now amended with ShopeePay, Akulaku, and local Indonesian credit cards.

Paymentwall widgets now offer all the most payment options available in Indonesia – meaning that Paymentwall’s merchants operating in the country will now be able to increase their sales.

Credit cards are Indonesia’s most popular payment option: about 60% of the population have them, although only 15% of e-commerce sales get paid with credit cards. Paymentwall merchants can now accept payments in any credit card issued by local Indonesian banks. The cards will be processed via a local acquiring bank in Indonesia and in the local currency (Indonesian rupiahs).

Digital wallets are the second-best option for e-commerce in Indonesia, with ShopeePay being the market leader (68% among all e-wallets). It was established in 2018 – but despite being the new player, it has become the leading e-commerce payment method in South East Asia during the COVID-19 pandemic. The secret to its popularity is the smart user experience and interface, accomplished with successful promotional campaigns for online and offline consumers. Paymentwall already had ShopeePay in the Philippines – and now it has become available for the Indonesian merchants, too.

Akulaku is a leading banking and digital finance platform in Southeast Asia with a presence in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Targeting an emerging market with an underserved but creditworthy and fast-growing consumer group, Akulaku currently provides users with digital banking, BNPL/installments, consumer credits, digital investment opportunities, and insurance brokerage services. Akulaku PayLater, a payment solution from Akulaku, allows customers to complete online transactions by placing orders in advance – and paying them later. Based on Akulaku research, PayLater boosts conversion rates by up to 30% and an average order value – by 40%!

You can find more details about all the payment options available in Indonesia on our site. And please, do not hesitate to contact us at to find out how we can help you grow in any market worldwide.