Are you wondering how you are going to reach goods and services out to users who don’t have credit cards? Over the past years, we have witnessed a growing trend in the use of mobile payments to purchase digital goods and services. This is a result of the ever-deepening penetration of smartphone use throughout the world. For instance, in Germany, there is a 39.8% smartphone user penetration rate from their population of about 82.6 million, meaning almost 33 million citizens in Germany use mobile phones.

Mobile payment transactions will be tripled by 2017

By 2017, mobile payment transactions will grow globally to 721.4 billion US dollars, Statista forecasts — a massive 342.31% growth from 163.1 billion US dollars in 2012. Great news for merchants worldwide. You can monetize your website or application today with Mobiamo – a simple mobile payment solution offered to your customers all over the world.

Simple Mobile Payment

We see great potential for businesses to expand further by integrating mobile payments in your checkout. Everyone is slowly getting used to the idea of paying remotely with their mobile devices. Don’t miss out on these sales opportunities!

Boost conversions with Mobiamo – simple mobile payment solution

More than 1 million users pay using Mobiamo each month. There are a lot of users you can monetize once you offer them this simple mobile payment solution. Maximize conversions up to 80% by streamlining mobile checkouts with one tap payments and a seamless user-friendly checkout interface guaranteed to decrease shopping cart abandonment rates.

Conversion rates can turn out low due to complicated checkouts. Users sometimes abandon orders at the checkout because of the hassle of having to input their details each time they make a purchase.

Give your users the simple mobile payment experience through Mobiamo.

Why Mobiamo?

Mobiamo works with more than 150 mobile carriers to let you accept payments using mobile carrier billing from more than 80 countries. By integrating Mobiamo in your website or application, you are covering all regions in the world with the best payouts and the best conversion rates. With a single API integration, you have the option to use Mobiamo by itself or alongside other payment solutions offered by Paymentwall, such as PW Local and Brick.

More than a million mobile users worldwide benefit from the cross-platform functionality and built-in fraud protection tools of our simple mobile payment solution, Mobiamo.

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