WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, today announced the worldwide opening of its acclaimed ARPG MU Legend. The open beta is the last preparation step, and players will retain all game data (characters, purchases, items, etc.) even after the day of the official release.

“Launching a game is always a high-stakes moment to live through, where hundreds of emotions collide,” said Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen Dublin. “Now, the fun starts for the fans, and our attention is focused entirely on making their game experience the most unforgettable yet. We’re excited for players to experience first-hand the passion that we’ve put into MU Legend and look forward to seeing them all in-game.”

Developers are planning to deploy updates and extensions on a regular basis, with a 3v3-combat feature to arrive in the first update before the end of the year. This feature will offer a dynamic PvP environment, involving strategy and team coordination. Other new content, including territory wars, is slated to arrive soon after.

Additionally, thousands of players are due to receive their first special titles, awarded for participating in the CBTs and the stress test. Players no longer have to worry about any data wipes and can now take as much time as they need to explore the deep content offered by the game. Stating it clearly, there will be no wipe at all during or after the OBT period.

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To learn more about MU Legend, visit: http://muLegend.webzen.com/en

About MU Legend

MU Legend is the highly anticipated action MMO and follow-up to MU Online. It features fluid and stunning hack ‘n’ slash combat, content that caters to both solo and party play, and a deep and intriguing world that will satisfy new players and fans alike. Players can choose from four distinct classes – Dark LordWhispererBlader and War Mage – and engage in the endless battle between the world of MU and Pandemonium. MU Legend offers spectacular visuals that will run on lower-end systems and boasts detailed art design with stunning effects.


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