Integration of an e-invoice system is an important step for your company. The need to provide an organized way to track and bill receivables to multiple business partners proves that your company is growing. Which is why Paymentwall’s PW Invoicing has several key features to make e-invoicing as easy and organized as possible. Learn more about e-invoicing solution with the short checklist below:

Organized interface

Merchants connect with their clients through their global company profile found in the Paymentwall account. The profile can also let merchants add employees to access the account. The organized layout of the dashboard allows easy and organized management of client accounts, a big benefit when it comes to dealing with multiple business partners or customers.

Easy billing set-up

After creating and organizing a list of business clients, merchants can simply select which clients to bill on the invoices tab. Merchants can also set specific details when sending an invoice, such as discounts, item description, invoiced amount, currency, taxes, and more.

Customizable templates

Once billing details have been set, you can now choose how an invoice should look when sent out. For branding purposes, merchants can choose from several ready invoice templates or customize one. Customization includes logo placement, buttons design, color scheme, text placement, and CSS editor.

Clean review page

A review page allows merchants to check if information to be sent out is correct. Additional email recipients and change of template can be done on this page. Once approved, a client will receive the bill via their registered email. An invoice comes with an attached PDF file and a “pay now” button for clients to pay.

Secured checkout page

Clicking on the invoice pay button will direct the client to a checkout page. On the checkout page user will see the list of payment options available in the region, based on his geolocation. Additionally, PW Invoicing checkout page is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, to ensure that your client’s data is safe and secure. An in-house fraud & risk management team is also available to review and monitor transactions.

Alternative ways to pay

Users can pay with any available payment method in his region. Over 130 payment methods can be used to pay for invoice, including credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, bank transfers, ewallets, and mobile payments, giving merchants opportunity to reach out to international markets.

Automated invoicing

Manual invoicing can be a hassle, especially when you need to bill multiple clients. PW Invoicing allows integration of an Invoice API, for you to automatically generate invoices from your platform or website. For organized and safe monitoring, all of your invoices will be tracked in the invoice dashboard.

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