We’ve previously discussed the importance of a payment gateway integration as a step to have a successful online business. Now, we will be talking about credit card merchant services, and why these services can help grow your business. Here’s a short checklist of services that your payment gateway needs to provide you.

Credit card merchant service essentials

Merchant account set-up

An important credit card merchant service that payment gateways need to provide is making sure you have the means to accept credit and debit card payments. This is done by gateways creating and setting you up with a merchant account themselves. By taking the responsibility of creating a merchant account, payment gateways help merchants save time from going through the entire process, allowing businesses to focus and develop more on their growth.

PCI-DSS compliant

You need to make sure that transaction data for purchases in your store is protected. Make sure that your chosen payment gateway is PCI-DSS certified, for that extra layer of security when it comes to processing payments.

Fraud prevention and help center

A good credit card merchant service is when your chosen payment gateway goes the extra mile of monitoring transactions for fraud. Aside from setting up failsafes and other procedures (such as tokenization and encryption) to prevent fraud, merchants can greatly benefit from payment gateways that can be contacted in case something happens. It may be a simple and small service, but a merchant that knows there is someone to talk to in case problems occur builds trust – and trust shows that the payment gateway is a secured and transparent platform.

Brick – Credit cards processing

Brick is an innovative credit card processor that allows online businesses to accept credit card payments in a quick, simple, and easy way. It comes with credit card merchant services mentioned above, plus some other beneficial options to help merchants further grow their businesses:

High security standards

Make sure your business complies with PCI-DSS standards, has a risk scoring and monitoring system, and 24/7 risk team to prevent fraud from occurring. Brick is PCI-DSS compliant, ensuring you that your business’ security concerns will be covered.

Simple pricing and free integration

A simple pricing rate will give you more time to focus on growing your business. Brick has a default price for US and EU countries of just 2.7% + 0.30 per transaction, with no set-up or additional monthly fees.

Tailor-fit for service

Your checkout experience needs to be appealing to give your customers an easier way to pay. Whether using hosted checkout forms that can simply be embedded on a payment page, or creating customized checkout forms that will match a merchant’s branding standards, merchants can give their customers a personalized checkout experience with Brick.

Marketing and payment tools

Introduce recurring billing solutions for a more convenient way to pay. Merchants simply set up due dates to automatically charge their customers, or create trial subscriptions to entice users to sign up for their brand. Merchants can also create customized coupons and promo campaigns, a tool worth having, to help businesses engage their audience.

More than providing credit card merchant services, Brick creates opportunities for small businesses to be part of the global ecommerce market. Get started today by sending us an email at sell@brickpayments.com or visit Brick website for more information.