Brazil is one of the world’s fastest growing markets. As the most developed credit card market in Latin America (with 60% of the region’s ecommerce transactions done from the country), reaching out to consumers in Brazil can be a profitable move for international businesses.

Integrate local payment methods

Offer accessible payment methods in order to engage your market in Brazil. To tap into a larger part of the buying market (namely those without credit cards or bank accounts), make sure to also include alternative payment methods such as Boleto Bancario, Mercadopago, Pagseguro, Hypercard, Elo, and others. See the full list of Brazilian payment methods here.

Localize your brand

Build a healthy and lasting relationship with your customers by learning more of the local culture. Start by having your website properly translated, then find out how ecommerce is done locally. Discover local trends and practices, and try to incorporate what you learned into your business. Also (and if possible), consider investing in local representatives, so that your brand can respond accordingly to customer questions and requests. Having a localized brand allows potential consumers to connect, increasing your chances to land a sale.

Comply with local laws

Online merchants need to comply to guidelines set by the local government, in order to start a business and accept payments from consumers in Brazil. There are numerous forms to submit, multiple registrations (JUCESP, Secretaria Municipal de Finanças, Municipal Taxpayers’ Registry, etc.), and fees to pay. Also, in order for an application to be approved, you may need to open a local bank account. Avoid the hassle of submitting documents and complicated regulations by signing up for a Paymentwall merchant account. Paymentwall has connected with local acquirers, allowing integrated merchants to stay compliant without additional registrations in Brazil, and to start processing payments right away.

Take note of local holidays and celebrations

Part of localizing your brand means knowing the country’s holidays and celebrations. An example of a major holiday in Brazil is the Carnival Festival held in Rio every February, where Samba schools compete with each other with the best floats and performances. Another is the Festival of Tiradentes, which commemorates the death of Joaquim Xavier, a dentist who started a liberation movement called Inconfidencia Mineira. Aside from creating the right and proper engagement (especially for social media campaigns), knowledge of a country’s holidays will help you create a sound and effective plan of when to have promos for your products. Remember: having a promo during the holidays is proven to increase revenue.

Start your marketing campaign in Brazil

After deciding on payment methods, learning of the country’s culture, and partnering with a certified payment processor to comply with the country’s local business laws, you can start a marketing campaign. Depending on your target audience, you can engage customers through different marketing channels.

Use the power of Social Media

The most common one (and perhaps, most effective) in Brazil is Facebook. Plus, you can also create FB ads to reach out to your targeted audience. If you provide B2B service, consider using Linkedin. You can also share industry-related news that help current and new customers know more about your business.

Take advantage of search results

For an even wider reach, invest in Google Adwords campaigns (considering that Google holds 96% of the market share). Google Adwords will allow your brand to be advertised on searches, by using ads with relevant keywords that may catch your audience’s attention.

Expand your reach in Brazil with Paymentwall. Check out our blog for more business monetization tips.