LG Smart TV app owners can now achieve global payments coverage with Paymentwall.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – October 4, 2016 – LG Smart TV app owners can now accept payments using more than 140 payment methods worldwide provided by Paymentwall. With Paymentwall’s Smart TV payment product, app owners can offer their users with convenient ways to pay, such as credit or debit cards, bank transfers, mobile payments and many more.

“Many Smart TV developers were launching applications on many platforms and were struggling to make money; they had no way to cover the development costs and content licensing fees,” said HyoSeok Choe, Senior Manager of Content Business Development Team at LG Electronics. “We are giving developers and content providers a simple and easy way to monetize their content with many payment solutions provided on the Paymentwall Smart TV platform, and with one integration, they can sell easily anywhere in the world and with many ways for people to complete their app and content purchase transactions.

Smart TV Payments

LG smart TV payments

Paymentwall Smart TV payment via remote control with LG Smart TV

Paymentwall’s Smart TV payment product provides a checkout where users can pay through their remote control by entering their credit or debit card numbers, as well as prepaid MINT epins. They can also now use their laptop, tablet or smartphone to execute the payment. For laptop and tablet users, they need to visit the special link generated to make a payment. For mobile phone users, they need to scan a QR code using their phone and to complete their transaction on their smart phones.

The special link and the QR code leads to more than 140 payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, AliPay, Sofort, iDeal, Paysafecard and many more, allowing the LG Smart TV app owners to achieve global coverage in payments. They will then be able to reach users wherever they are – whether in developed or emerging markets – and easily widen their audience.

“For those with LG Smart TV, they can stream movies, videos, access online games and other digital content from the comfort of their couch,” said Daniel Lee, product manager of Smart TV Payments and country manager of Paymentwall in Korea. “Payments via Smart TVs were usually a pain for users, due to having to type everything using the remote control, but with LG TVs adopting Paymentwall’s Smart TV Payments Suite , the users can now pay easily with their remote control as well as smartphones, laptops or tablets – whichever device they prefer.”

With Paymentwall, LG Smart TVs offer a wider functionality to consumers by being able to accept payments worldwide. For Smart TV app owners and content developers, the LG brand offers them the opportunity to expand their audience, and to increase their revenue.

Learn more about Paymentwall’s LG Smart TV payment solution on paymentwall.com/lg-tv.