Paymentwall has launched Terminal3 – a platform for game developers to collect payments and publish games in over 190 countries.

Game developers were encountering too many barriers before they could publish a game, such as greenlight charges, complicated approval processes, high fees, and limited coverage. With Terminal3, all limitations are gone! Simplified approval processes, lower fees and global coverage makes it easy to launch the game anywhere in the world.

“Terminal3 was inspired by an airport. As a game developer that sells digital content, you check-in, set your preferences, and Paymentwall will take your game to any country–and to all countries–at once,” said Honor Gunday, CEO of Paymentwall. “We want to provide everyone the freedom to sell and buy digital content around the world.”

Terminal 3 is powered by Paymentwall and its comprehensive 150+ payment methods to provide an easy payment experience for gamers around the world. In addition, you’ll have access to online support, in-house reporting, risk management, VAT reporting and much more!

You can check out demos for Terminal3 at and publish your game today at